Operation Ancestor Search


Operation Ancestor Search is a free genealogy program offered to injured service members in military hospitals, veterans hospitals and armed forces retirement homes across the country. A program of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, it is operated by local affiliate chapters and our program partners. Operation Ancestor Search helps soldiers and veterans, their families and their caregivers discover their roots and better understand themselves through family history.

OAS began in 2009 at the original Walter Reed Army Medical Center as a program of the District of Columbia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.  The program became a tremendous success and popularity among the wounded warriors and caregivers became quickly apparent.  Soon thereafter, the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution adopted the program nationally and with the support of Ancestry.com, OAS began expanding to other locations across the country. Today, OAS operates at 16 locations. OAS volunteers have worked with approximately 1,000 wounded warriors and their family members since 2009.

What is OAS?

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